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HS code: 57022000.

The dimension 1m (Width) x 10m (Length) x 34mm (Thickness).
a) the width may range as 0.6m, 0.8m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 2m.
b) the thickness may be made as the buyer’s order.

It is from 100% natural coconut fiber and bio-degradable.
Structure: the fibers are twisted into 8-yarns ropes, then the ropes are being weaved into the mats by hand. While the weaving the mats are made tighter and tighter by hand job of the workers using the hammer.

Application: Coir mats are a great material of road paving when the cement or concrete or bricks-made roads are not suitable due to environmental factor. The time-life of the mats may 2 years, after this duration the mats may be bio-degradable. The following locations are good place where the coir mats are suitable:
- Path surrounding the apartment buildings.
- Path from road to house.
- Path in the parks/ resorts.
- Etc.

Packaging details: 154 pcs per 1 container (1m size), 132 pcs pcs per container (1.2m size) or 103 pcs per container (1.5m size).

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