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CN 72

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HS code: 57022000.

The coconut fiber net are made by hand weaving loom. Firstly the yarns both warp and weft are made by machine. Then the workers will weave by hand to make the nets.


Application: this is used to control both of the soil erosion and the land sliding.
Size: 1m x 10m oe 1m x 20m. It is rolled into a roll.
Diameter of a single yarn: 2.5 - 3mm.


Standard design of the nets is: single yarns for the wefts & double yarns for the warps. Square dimension: 3cm x 4.5cm.
Number of the warps: 71 per 1m.
Number of the wefts: from 78 to 80 per 1m as the buyer’s choice.

Packaging details: 1 pcs (1 rolls) are pressed into 1 package.

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